Automatic and reliable identification of wagons

Wagon numbers are important to logistics in rail transport. They allow wagons to be clearly identified, tracked across a complex rail network and record how long they spend travelling and stationary. Wagon numbers form the basis for communication between logistics partners.

MULTIRAIL® IDentify from Schenck Process is an attractive add-on to MULTIRAIL® applications. MULTIRAIL® IDentify is a reliable and convenient system for automatic wagon number recognition. It is used for input / output control and statistical evaluation of stationary periods. Combined with the MULTIRAIL® weighscale, MULTIRAIL® IDentify can also directly assign weights and analysis data to the individual wagons.

Solid basic functions, plenty of extra variants

The basic functions of MULTIRAIL® IDentify are recognition of wagon numbers by means of image processing and a software interface to MULTIRAIL® systems. Optional functions include data transfer to a superordinate system, image recording of hazardous materials labels, recognition of the position of the dome cover as well as the recognition of the position of the brake handle.

Variants for scanning both sides of the wagon and/or frame are also available. MULTIRAIL® IDentify can recognize both 12-digit UIC numbers (over three lines) and 8-digit Russian wagon numbers (one line). Numbers can be recognized on wagons moving in both directions in a recording range of 5 to 10 meters in width. The system works at speeds between 2 and 15 km/h, and at temperatures between –15 and +40 degrees Celsius.

MULTIRAIL® IDentify is used when shunting.

High-quality equipment

MULTIRAIL® IDentify comprises

  • cameras in heated casing protected from the weather
  • LED spotlights for use at night
  • PC station
  • outdoor control cabinet with integrated modules
  • axle sensor

The electronics can either be housed in a control cabinet shared with the MULTIRAIL® electronics or in a separate wall mounted housing.


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