Compact and flexible applications

Compact and flat installation dimensions ready for immediate use.
Thanks to the compact size and ideally matched dimensions, the Schenck Process axle load scales can be easily fitted on site once the earth has been excavated and the site compacted without the need for any elaborate work.

Areas of use:
One of the main applications of this scales solution is non-legal-for-trade static or dynamic weighing of axle loads for trucks and construction machinery (“Weighing in Motion”).

Weighing over the whole length
The scales consist of a precast foundation (around 4m wide and around 1m long) with an integrated precast concrete platform and preassembled load cells.

The benefits:
There are no positioning problems, and even multi-axle vehicles can be easily weighed. When fitted in the necessary environment of scales communications, a wide range of possible applications opens up totally new weighing options.
Fitting the weighing track is incredibly simple.
It arrives at the usage site fully pre-assembled from high-quality precast concrete parts. A special feature is the pre-fitted, robust ring torsion load cells and load cell bearings.
This version of the axle load scales is also very easy to move from one location to the next.

Further advantages:
Minimal construction work required on site.

Possible uses:
These scales are used wherever axle and total loads are needed in the form of accurate but not legal-for-trade weights.
For example, this is the case for construction machinery and tractors so that the axle loads and weights can be quickly calculated. And at entrances and exits to prevent trucks from being overloaded.

Scales equipment:
Our high-quality and flexible Disomat® Tersus weighing terminal with special “Hermes” software is used here.
Furthermore, our Disoware “S” software programme can be used for convenient data management and data input and connected up directly to the scales electronics.

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