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The fine art of measuring quality

A product’s quality is notoriously subjective, but the quality of its constituent ingredients can be very accurately graded. Our sifter machines ensure the dimensions, consistency and hygiene of powder ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We offer you effective solutions for size classification as well as to de-risk a process, by screening materials and separating out contaminants. Our sieving equipment is quiet in operation and contains the product whilst sieving, to avoid material emissions.

Cantilever design for high efficiency and speed

Our KEK Centrifugal Sifters are fitted with a cantilever shaft and an oversized end door, which allows easy access to the screens and rotating paddle inside. This enables a screen change in just 30 seconds. No tools are required for stripping down and cleaning, so you can save time and maintain the best standards of hygiene.

Full range of quality sifting solutions

We provide a wide array of design options including seven different sizes with output ranges from a few kilograms per hour to over 90 tonnes per hour. Powder can be fed by gravity or by full inline pneumatic conveying. The systems can be customized to suit the requirements of your materials, process, environment, and installation. Applications include policing, scalping, classification, de-agglomeration, de-dusting, liquid straining, and product dressing.

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