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Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ sheet forming and cutting lines handle a wide range of dough types to produce laminated and/or sheeted cookies, crackers and snacks. The range covers every application, from dedicated plants to flexible, multi-purpose lines. Every machine has been designed for high output while minimizing costs in areas such as labor, waste and downtime.

Efficient and reliable for low production costs

Waste and scrap are very low, while changeover and cleaning between production runs is quick and straightforward. High quality components and software maintain trouble-free operation for long periods. Motors and gearboxes operate well within capability to ensure that component stress does not affect reliability.

Precise weight control at high outputs

All units have the motor power and mechanical strength to run at very high speeds for long periods without loss of weight control or quality. Low-deflection, solid gauge rolls guarantee weight control over many years. The control system provides accurate speed control of each unit, and a sophisticated cascade system maintains a smooth flow of dough along the line.

Designed to achieve the highest levels of hygienic operation

Every unit is designed with hygiene in mind: maximum access, minimum components between the frames and tool-free removal of scrapers make cleaning simple and quick. Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ standard achieves the highest level of hygienic operation in accordance with the GMA’s 10 Principles of Equipment Design and other relevant industry guidelines.

For more information please visit the Baker Perkins website:

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