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The TruClean™ 590 is primarily used for rotary moulding large, demanding products, such as energy bars or pet foods. The machine is stronger and more powerful to cope with the extra work required to form these products. It is designed to TruClean™ standards which meet the latest industry guidelines on hygiene. It also provides the high levels of efficiency and reliability with low running costs common to all Baker Perkins’ machinery.

Low Cost of Ownership

High efficiency and precise weight control minimize waste and giveaway. Ease of cleaning, ease of use and fast changeover reduce downtime and labor. Maximum reliability with easy cleaning and maintenance keep running costs down. Independent motors on each roller and a full range of manual settings allow the machine to be adjusted for optimum performance.

Heavy-Duty Design

Robust construction and components are necessary to handle large, thick products made from heavy doughs at high speed. For this reason the die and feed rolls are large diameter and the knife assembly robust and fully adjustable, horizontally and vertically, during operation.

Designed for Hygiene

The TruClean™ 590 is designed to meet the latest industry guidelines on hygiene. Good access, few and readily removed guards, and rapid dismantling without tools results in minimum accumulation of debris, as well as easy and effective cleaning.

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