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The TruBake™ Oven Range comprises HiCirc Convection, Direct Gas Fired and Hybrid ovens. The design is modular for an ideal baking profile and rapid installation. All the ovens are easy to operate and adjust with recipe-driven controls and include large hinged doors every 2.1m for easy cleaning.

TruBake™ HiCirc Convection

The TruBake™ HiCirc uses a direct convection heating system that has been developed over many years and for different product applications.

  • Stable and predictable baking environment
  • Even coloring and efficient drying
  • Capable of baking a wide range of product types, up to and including crackers

TruBake™ DGF

DGF ovens offer great flexibility in their baking characteristics using ribbon burners mounted above and below the band, assisted by an air circulation (turbulence) system. 

  • Handles a full selection of products, from hard crackers to very soft cookies
  • Ideal where product highlights are required 
  • Multi-zone burners and separate extraction and turbulence systems maintain a good balance across the oven for a consistently even bake

 TruBake™ Hybrid

For many products the best baking conditions are achieved by combining DGF and HiCirc Convection sections in the same oven.

  • DGF baking can vary from low temperature, non-turbulent and high humidity for cookies through to high temperature, high turbulence for crackers
  • Convection offers rapid air movement for efficient drying and coloring of most products
  • This versatility provides the optimum baking conditions for any product to be achieved

For more information please visit the Baker Perkins website:

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