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The Thermoglide2™ is designed for drying and toasting breakfast cereals uniformly and consistently. The product is gently lifted and rotated in a cushion of air to ensure it is processed with minimum damage. The Thermoglide2™ combines excellent processing with efficient dust extraction in a compact and energy efficient unit.

Consistent productivity

A fluidized bed applies heat gently and evenly over the entire surface of the product. Two zones with independent setting of temperature and airflow rates allow process conditions to be tailored to product requirements. The heat-stable vibratory conveyor ensures consistent residence time and long-term reliability. PLC control provides repeatable process settings

Easy to clean and maintain

Ingenious airflow provides efficient dust removal and promotes self-cleaning. There is easy access for routine internal cleaning. To extend life, motors and belts are mounted away from the heat source. Major maintenance items are located away from the product area and are easily accessible. Hot and cold surfaces are isolated to avoid differential expansion and stress cracking

Energy efficient

Air extraction can be set to the minimum level required by the process without affecting product quality. Optimum fan and motor sizes minimize energy consumption. The amount of excess air circulating is reduced by compact design. Start-up is rapid, taking a maximum 20 minutes from cold.

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