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Shredding rolls form cooked cereal into distinctive, multi-layered shredded cereals and snacks, including malted wheat squares, multi-layered shredded wheats, 2, 3, or 4 layer corn or rice snacks, and shaped or filled products. Many of these products contain a single ingredient, making them attractive to consumers seeking a healthy diet. Shredding is an excellent technique to widen the appeal, interest and variety of a cereal range.

Broad product choice

Shredding is an alternative to flaking, designed to form cooked cereal into layered shredded or strand type products. Examples are shreddies, shredded wheat and mini shredded wheat. Products are usually based on corn, wheat, bran or rice. The grains are processed without the need for additional ingredients, giving them impeccable health credentials and enabling their natural taste to be enhanced by a wide range of flavors and seasoning. Fruit filled products are also possible.

Efficient production

Cooked grains are formed into very thin sheets by passing them between pairs of contra-rotating shredding rolls. Several pairs of rolls are used in series to lay webs on top of one another forming a multi-layered sheet. Up to 20 layers can be combined, and the addition of fillings between layers is possible. For stranded products the strands are cut to length before drying. For shredded products the finished sheet is crimped and cut to length. The product is then toasted.

Process expertise at every stage

A complete line for shredded products incorporates cereal cookers, dryers, shredding rolls and an oven or toaster. Baker Perkins offers a series of best-in-class unit machines for each key process area and an unrivalled ability to combine them into a profitable and efficient line.

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