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Baker Perkins offers complete lines for the production of high quality baked or dried granola cereal clusters, as well as granola cereal bars

Gentle handling and accurate heat transfer

Crunchy granola is made by baking a loosely compacted sheet of ingredients before cooling, breaking and then kibbling into small clusters. The process relies on gentle handling and accurate heat transfer to achieve the ideal balance between product quality and efficient production.

The mixing process involves blending dry ingredients in a batch mixer and then metering them into a continuous mixer along with oil and sugar to form a mass. The dry ingredients are mainly oats, although other grains or dried fruits are often added.

The mass is placed directly onto the infeed of the oven or dryer where a spreader evenly distributes it across the full width of the band. A compression roll provides a final consolidation and gauging of the sheet before baking or drying.

The heat transfer process removes moisture from the product and causes the sugar to melt. Color and texture of the final product are determined by the combination of temperature and time chosen. Assisted cooling at the oven discharge binds the mass together to give the characteristic granola crunch.

Opportunities for cereal or bar production

When producing kibbled clusters, a Pre-Breaker unit straight after the discharge of the cooling does the initial breaking of the product sheet. The large pieces are then fed to a Kibbling Unit that reduces the pieces to their final size.

For cereal bars, a slitter and guillotine after the cooling divides the sheet into individual bars, which are then conveyed to the wrapping machines.

For more information please visit the Baker Perkins website:

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