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Baker Perkins' Flake Master™ Flaking Mill provides consistent processing of a wide range of flakes. These include corn, bran and multigrain; traditionally cooked grains and extruded pellets can also be processed. Process conditions are accurately controlled for optimum performance and delivery of consistent, high-quality flakes. 

High quality flakes

Very high flake quality is achieved through accurate control of the main process variables. The roll surface is maintained at a constant temperature by a high-capacity water-cooling system to ensure optimum flake consistency. Advanced control technology maintains a pre-set gap between the rolls to achieve the desired flake thickness, regardless of the force required. A dynamic feeder separates the grains to maintain product integrity. Unique oscillating scraper blades slowly move back and forth across the roll surface to reduce uneven roll wear and ensuring even heat distribution. 

Simple cleaning and maintenance

An open design with the motors outside the frames provides good visibility of the process and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The belt-drive arrangement is simple and features maintenance-free timing belts. The removable discharge conveyor, mounted on slide rails, allows easy access to the delivery chute and underside of unit for cleaning and maintenance. 

Easy to operate and maintain

PLC control with touch-screen HMI provides clear visualization of the process and intuitive operation. There is a recipe driven setup facility, and comprehensive alarm functions and history. Flaking mills run for about 10,000 hours before any maintenance is necessary. They are then re-machined: this can be done up to 20 times to give a maximum operating life of 200,000 hours, giving it a low cost of ownership. 

For more information please visit the Baker Perkins website:

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