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The high-output Cook Master™ batch cooker processes milled or whole cereal products including wheat, corn and bran. It is a rotating live steam pressure unit that delivers the highest levels of quality, consistency and efficiency. Fully automatic batch operation and a highly effective mixing action ensure low operating and maintenance costs.

Thorough and consistent cooking

Batches of grains, flours or pulses are cooked in a slowly rotating vessel through which pressurized steam flows. The rotation of the vessel works with its unique double conical profile to constantly move and turn the grains in the steam for even and thorough cooking. The cooking process is stable and repeatable and, combined with automatic process control, results in consistent cooking within and between batches. 

Automatic control for minimized costs

A pressure sensor mounted on the cooker shell prevents the valve opening when under pressure. Labor costs are kept to a minimum by a completely flexible recipe-driven control system that carries out all the process operations automatically. It allows all operating parameters to be defined for every stage of the process cycle and provides full process visualization so that operators can see every operating parameter at a glance. Features include alarm management and history, historical trending functions, and connection to a plant-wide SCADA or ERP system. The cooker vessel design facilitates discharge with no operator intervention, while consistent processing reduces additional waste.

Easy to clean for reduced waste

An upgraded slide valve design improves performance, reduces maintenance and enhances safety. The internal surface of the cooker vessel is fully welded and free of cracks, crevices or niches that could harbor bacteria. Unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs are avoided by careful design: difficult-to-clean obstructions such as lifter blades or a through shaft are eliminated. A fully automatic clean-in-place / wash cycle cleans the vessel quickly and effectively.

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