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Accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership are the hallmarks of Baker Perkins Accurist™ range of bread dough dividers. They are durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain; there is a wide range of piece-weight and output combinations available, covering applications as diverse as small breads and pizza bases up to large loaves.

Gentle dough handling without loss of accuracy

Using a cam profile that allows the dough time to completely fill the die pockets, all Accurist™ dividers are capable of maintaining an accuracy of 2.5 to 3.5g Standard Deviation on 900g dough pieces over extended production runs.

The Accurist2.1™ uses servo control to achieve the optimum balance between accuracy and quality, even at high output. Cell structure is preserved by minimizing shear, compression and ram movement. Quality benefits include up to 15% increase in cell count, up to 20% increase in softness, greater volume, improved crumb structure and better color.

 Easy to operate and clean

Intuitive touch screen HMIs provide recipe selection with optimum settings for each product, minimizing start-up times. Speed, ram pressure and scaling weights are all monitored and easily adjusted.

Access to all the parts that require regular cleaning is accomplished through hinged covers and there are no inaccessible areas. Minimal build-up of hard dough extends cleaning intervals and makes cleaning easier and faster. Wear is minimized by long-life components, efficient lubrication, minimum ram movement and low-pressure operations. These combine with low oil consumption to reduce running costs and maintain accuracy over 10,000 hours. A foam-and-rinse washdown capability on the Accurist2.1™ contributes to hygiene and easy cleaning. The units may be removed from the line for further cleaning.

For more information please visit the Baker Perkins website:

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