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The Hygienic Side Entry Receiver (HSER) filter is designed to meet challenging requirements for sanitation and inspection in the food, pet food and chemical industries. A horizontal cartridge filter, HSER is ideally suited for low headroom applications under pressure or vacuum and is primarily used as a filter receiver at the end of a pneumatic conveying system to separate the product being conveyed from the convey air. Well suited for a variety of indoor locations, the HSER has a small footprint requirement and can be easily explosion vented through the roof or from the side.

The HSER utilizes clean design concepts, minimizing horizontal surfaces where product or water might collect. The tube sheet design incorporates a machined insert, which provides a flush internal surface and a rigid surface to seal the filter elements.

The exclusive Schenck Process design allows for complete disassembly simplifying sanitation processes. Only the welded stud requires in-place cleaning. There is no internal structure, which makes it even easier to clean.

HSER filters operate with a reverse air pulse cleaning system that periodically releases a pulse of compressed air directed through the cartridge or bag, cleaning it and dislodging filtered material so it drops into the hopper below. This operation is another feature that makes cleaning HSER simple.


  • Low headroom applications
  • Requires less plant space
  • Side entry and tool-free cartridge or bag and cage removal speeds maintenance with no confined space entry
  • Loose parts minimized with captured fasteners
  • Single point access to both clean and dirty volumes of the filter
  • Simple design with minimal internal structure enables thorough clean-down

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