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Accurate, high performance Train Loading systems for any application

Our Solution
Schenck Process Train Loaders are designed to load safely, efficiently and accurately while maximizing the use of the capacity in each wagon. Schenck Process manufactures Volumetric and Gravimetric (Batch) Train Loaders, supplied globally, for any applications that require wagons to be loaded with bulk materials.

Schenck Process Train Loaders are easy to use with flexible options for loadout operations. Manually controlled and automated systems are available with the ability to control at local control stations or remotely (on or off site). High speeds and loading rates can be achieved while maintaining the ability to adapt to change.

Schenck Process in-house capabilities in the fields of materials handling, structural, mechanical, electrical and controls systems engineering, together with our major partners in hydraulics, work to high levels of standards to deliver robust solutions. Together with our extensive aftersales service we are partners of choice to deliver whole of life solutions.

Schenck Process can also incorporate electrical and PLC control of the clients’ materials handling system into the train loader design if required

Reliable Operation
Schenck Process Train Loaders are designed to operate reliably in the harshest environments. Extreme temperatures, dust, and water are commonplace in loading operations. Schenck Process train loaders will not only handle this harsh environment, they will operate reliably, consistently and at the rated performance for extended periods.

Low Maintenance Requirements
Extensive use of high quality materials, protective coatings, electrical equipment and hydraulic components ensure the reliable operation of a Schenck Process train loader throughout the life of the operation with only routine maintenance. Sealed and automatically greased bearings are used throughout the system.

Material Handling Expertise
Schenck Process has been supplying Train Loaders since 1978, with over 100 installations globally, with many of the original loadouts still in operation. We understand that the Train Loader is a critical point in the value chain of the operations, and as such there is no room for downtime as this can lead to significant revenue loss.

The performance of a train loader is often limited by the operation of the stockpile/ reclaiming system and the train loader surge bin. While both are separate systems, they operate in concert to achieve a given performance. Poorly designed reclaim systems, insufficient train loader surge capacity or poorly flowing bin design can significantly downgrade train-loading performance. Equally it does not make good economic sense to provide excessive reclaim or train loader surge capacity. The two systems need to be designed with the performance and requirements of the other being considered.

The Schenck Process loading systems team has extensive experience in materials handling, and stockpile reclaim systems. Schenck Process’s engineers are available to assist our clients with materials handling system design, thereby optimizing operation of the reclaim system and train loader, while at the same time considering capital expenditure constraints.

Upgrades and Improvements
Schenck Process is also able to improve your existing Train Loader through upgrades from automation to track scales and general process improvements. Schenck Process can undertake a Fitness Check and recommend solutions to make your Train Loader more efficient, improve loading times and throughput, improve loading target in each wagon, reduce operating costs or improve the safety of the system.


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