An apron weighfeeder for poorly flowing and “sticky” materials
In the past, transporting “sticky” bulk materials presented an almost insoluble challenge. However, achieving the impossible has never been an obstacle to Schenck Process’s development specialists. With the MULTIDOS® VDP, they have developed a perfect economic solution.

There’s no such word as “impossible”!
MULTIDOS® VDP reliably feeds even sticky materials such as clay, marl, trass or sludge with the high degree of accuracy that a weighfeeder can provide.

More precise feeding, with stable, reproducible quality improvement
The weighing technology has been integrated into the track of the VDP apron weighfeeders. Silo discharge and gravimetric feeding functions are now united in a single unit. This results in significantly better feeding accuracy compared with volumetric extraction apron feeders in the past.

The result:
stable, repeatable quality improvement in the mixing plants. This represents quality which is well worth it, thanks to its low investment costs and high feeding accuracy of +/- 1%, compared to the actual feed rate.

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