Small, powerful and flexible

High-quality gravimetric feeder for very small volumes
The finer and smaller the flow volumes, the greater the quality requirements placed on the feeder. The requirements here include reliability, a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. Schenck Process provides a solution: the large MechaTron in miniature form.

This gravimetric feeder has a delivery rate of between 100 g and 10 kg per hour. Typical applications include laboratory and test facilities for feeding extruders, mixers, mills and granulators.

Perfect equipment. Can be adapted to meet performance requirements
The MechaTron® Min features a double shaft and vertical agitator. Thanks to the clever modular design, it’s quick and easy to clean and to change the discharge devices.

Two different feed hoppers are available to suit different products and delivery rates. The 4 l conical hopper with negative taper and base agitator is suited to smaller outputs and manual filling. The 8 l hopper is conical and also has an agitator that works near the walls and a cover with filler and ventilation necks for larger outputs and automatic refilling.

Both versions come with integrated measurement, control and regulation electronics of a high quality.

Well protected from dust and interference
A housing protects the drive and weighing technology from dust. For small outputs, we recommend fitting an additional protective housing over the entire device to minimize environmental disturbances.

Technical details: Theoretical delivery rate of double concave screw 14 mm x 6.35 mm, or double concave screw 14 mm x 12.7 mm. Suitable for a grain size of 500 µm or less. The ambient temperature and bulk material temperature is -20 °C … +40 °C. The recommended bulk material density is between 0.3 and 1.1 kg/dm. The electrical housing is made from aluminium and has a protection class of IP65.

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