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High-speed loading for plastic pellets, grain, sugar etc.

Container loading made easy while also reducing time, costs and manpower in one and maintaining maximum efficiency. This is the promise brilliantly delivered at speed by the FulFiller® C.
The technologies deployed are based on proven module solutions which allow for various, individually adapted forms of use.
Applications: filling granulate bulk material into ISO standard containers in the chemicals industry, in the production of polyolefins, in haulage and for example in the processing of grain and soya.

Maximum output in minimum time

When loading containers with sensitive bulk materials like pellets, granulate and grain, not only do customers want a form of conveyance which is gentle on the product but also maximum output with the most efficient way of working. The FulFiller® also offers flexibility and adaptable modules for special requirements.

The FulFiller® MFF, CFF and DMF modular product solutions comprise three modules, the first two of which share an identical structure.

  1. The belt thrower which accelerates the material at high speed in a 90° bend and gently transports the material into the container.
  2. The control system with control panel, Siemens PLC and three-phase current connection for additional equipment, plus cables and power plug.

FulFiller® MFF: MFF stands for Mobile Forklift Frame and delivers maximum flexibility during operation. The system is perfectly suited for existing and new unloading equipment. Since the transporting unit is based on a forklift, the FulFiller® can be attached at the end of the container to be filled even before the container is moved under the silo or filling hopper.

Structure: painted heavy-duty steel frame with access platforms and railings.

FulFiller® CFF: CFF stands for Customer Fixed Frame and is produced with an individual, customised, fixed supporting structure for special silos for loading containers. The container trailer is reversed towards the FulFiller®, connected and loaded.

Structure: heavy-duty supporting structure made from painted steel with catwalk which can be individually adapted to the height of work.

FulFiller® DMF: DMF stands for Dedicated Mobile Frame and has a mobile supporting structure on wheels which has been designed for flexible use. The mobile supporting structure is rolled under the silo before the container is reversed into position.

Structure: heavy-duty supporting structure made from painted steel with catwalk, chassis on wheels, adapted to the individual height of work.

Key benefits:

  • Individual solutions
  • Simple to operate
  • Energy-saving use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Maximized  container loading
  • Minimized loading times
  • Gentle on the product


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