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The TD Dense Phase Pump is a batch transfer vessel similar in concept to the Standard Dense Phase Pump with improved capability for large tonnages and longer distance conveying with fine fluidizable materials. Throughput rates increased to 250t/h and distances up to 1500 meters with optimum conveying over 600m.

Systems are capable of operating at temperatures up to 480ºC. The TD Pump has the lowest air consumption in the range and is designed to minimize material degradation by utilizing the slow transfer velocities of dense phase conveying.

Standard Fabrication

The TD dense Phase Pump assemblies are supplied complete with the original Dome Valve, electro-pneumatic controls and air supply piping, strainer, pressure regulation and control equipment pre-piped and pre-wired ready for connection to instrument air, power supply and connection to a suitable vent pipeline.

  • Vessels can be manufactured to most international pressure vessel codes designed for a working pressure of 7 barg standard. Special designs are available on request.
  • Vessels are free standing, special foundations are not required.
  • Optional isolating valve and adapter are shown for reference only.
  • Final working dimensions to be confirmed by certified drawings.

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