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The Schenck Process no-ledge coupling is designed for food and light industry conveying of fragile materials or materials requiring a high degree of sanitation. The coupling can also be used for systems where color-changeouts are common; or for hazardous or inert materials where piping connections must maintain a positive seal.

Ledge-free design reduces fines and lowers contamination possibilities
Unlike a compression coupling, which can have frequent pipe misalignment during installation, the Schenck Process no-ledge coupling delivers a machined tolerance joint. This ensures proper alignment and creates a ledge-free interior environment on connection points. As a result, friction and crevices which catch product and cause fines are greatly reduced. O-rings located in the product stream can eventually abrade away and expose a sharp metal edge, increasing the risk of contamination. The no-ledge coupling offers a recessed O-ring gasket that delivers a smooth transition through a positive sealing metal-to-metal joint. This eliminates gasket contact with the product stream – a critical improvement in sanitary piping system design.

  • Self-aligned connection points deliver ledgeless joints to protect fragile products
  • Easy cleaning and inspections
  • Lightweight design and tool-free assembly option speeds installation
  • Positive alignment of pipe joint
  • Recessed o-ring gasket clear of product stream

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