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MaxiStore® is the unique conveying system developed by Schenck Process for the efficient and cost-effective loading of dry, bulk materials into flat storage facilities. The design is based on proven Redler® en-masse chain conveyor technology and the innovative MaxiStore® system delivers both operational advantages and significant capital cost savings when compared to traditional store loading technology.

Solving flat storage challenges with the automated MaxiStore® System 

Flat storage is generally used when the characteristics of some dry, bulk materials make storage in silos problematic. Typically, flat stores are loaded at high rates (200 – 1000 tph) and material is transported to the store via a belt conveyor located near the apex of the building roof. This traditional design leads to inefficient use of building space, high building costs, and a variety of health and safety issues. MaxiStore® offers an alternative, wall-supported conveying system for use in flat stores or warehouses used for storing bulk materials such as grains and animal feeds. The design of the Maxistore® system allows the entire space to be filled with product.

MaxiStore® is a cost-effective, reliable, and safer system

The automated MaxiStore® bridge distribution system is built around an en-masse chain conveyor installed on a bridge structure mounted on rails running along the length of the store. The conveyor spans the storage area (typically 40 – 50m wide) and because the conveyor is “cranked” it follows the building roof profile which allows more material to be stored.

MaxiStore® benefits - For better store operations 

  • MaxiStore® automatically delivers maximum utilization of the available storage space 
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Safer and more efficient operations due to automation, reduced dust generation, plus
    concurrent reclaim
  • Proven equipment and design
  • Lower maintenance 
  • Smaller store footprints 
  • Lower capital investment and operating costs
  • Flexible for storing multiple materials
  • Bespoke solutions
  • High loading rates, typically up to 1000 tph 


  • Suitable for flat stores 35 – 50m wide
  • MaxiStore® is ideal for loading and storing high volumes of bulk materials, e.g. agricultural products, animal feeds and grains at ports, and brewing, distilling, and maltings facilities
  • For new build projects and retrofitting to existing flat store buildings

To find out more about the MaxiStore® System, please contact:
Simon Nicholls, Mechanical Technologies Sales Manager

See the benefits of the MaxiStore® system in our short video on YouTube

Read here about our successful MaxiStore® application at customer site 


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