The IntraBulk® reception unit is an above ground bulk material reception solution providing a user friendly, cost-effective alternative to conventional below ground intake pits. IntraBulk® BRU systems can create a marked reduction and significant cost reductions in areas with the need for expensive civil works, and across a diverse range of industries.

The IntraBulk® is capable of receiving bulk materials from a range of material handling vehicles, such as:
  • Road tipping trucks
  • Front-end loading units
  • Walking floor trailers

The incredible diversity of the IntraBulk® offers complete material handling and reception units solutions for all needs.

How does the IntraBulk® work?

The IntraBulk® is incredibly easy to operate and offers advanced material handling in a simple and straightforward fashion:
  • Material is discharged from the material handling vehicle into the IntraBulk® BRU hopper, which is conveyed further into the IntraBulk® reception unit.
  • The wide apron belt design permits a very low loading height allowing the trucks to discharge material directly into the entry section, requiring only a very small ramp.
  • Once the material has been discharged completely, the versatile IntraBulk® BRU can either convey it into the processing system or act as a buffer store.
  • Following successful completion of the material handling process, a new load can then be deposited and the process can begin again
IntraBulk® Product Range
  • Casing: Constructed from 2/3mm quality steel in 2.4 metre sections (EB22** only), flanged for true alignment and easy installation in a neatly designed single or split leg arrangement.
  • RU2000
  • Low Density materials
  • RU3000
  • Medium Density Materials
  • RU4000
  • High Density Materials
The Benefits
  • Low cost above ground installations
  • Reduced pit/hopper depth (if required)
  • Civil works reduced or virtually eliminated
  • Compact installation
  • Rapid reception of material
  • Receives from truck, front end loader or walking floor
  • Fast vehicle turnaround
  • Buffer storage capacity
  • Conveys dry and wet materials
  • Conveys dusty and sticky materials
  • Bridging and blocking eliminated
  • Regulated discharge to process
  • Rapid discharge to process
  • Low power & operating costs
  • Environmental system design
  • Low dust emissions
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Safe unit operation


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