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Our collection of valves are highly efficient, rugged and reliable and are suitable for vacuum dense phase, dilute phase, and gravity discharge systems. They are precision-crafted at extremely close tolerances to:

  • Eliminate dusting
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid process shutdowns

Valve performance depends directly on the material being handled. We’ll help you properly size the correct valve for your applications, and select appropriate housing and rotor options to manage your desired rate and the estimated fill efficiency. Our state-of-the-art pneumatic TestCenter can test your material and prove systems before any steel is cut or equipment is installed. You can count on us to properly size valves and blowers to reduce air leaks, decrease energy costs, and ensure proper convey pressures and rates — guaranteed.

Multi Duty (MD) Valves
A highly universal valve designed for rugged service. Suitable for use in dilute phase vacuum, pressure or combination vacuum/pressure pneumatic conveying systems with a maximum differential pressure of 15 psi. High temperature (up to 450˚ F) and wear resistant designs also available. Flange patterns of many competitive valves can be matched providing easy field replacement. The MD40 through MD260 features a class 40 gray iron housing with 217 Brinell hardness for greater strength and wear resistance.

Round Valve Multi-Duty (RAM)
The Mac Process RAM Valve uses many of the same design features as the MD Valve, but includes round, flanged inlet and outlet connections with 150# drilling. The basic valve is designed for 15 psi differential pressure service and comes complete with a fabricated, machined, eight-vane open end rotor. The RAM is available in six sizes with a broad range of options and accessories to fit most any application including: closed end rotors, adjustable tip rotors, abrasion resistant coatings and elevated temperature service.

Heavy Duty (HD) Valves
Mac Process Heavy Duty Valves are used in pneumatic conveying systems and gravity discharge of filters, cyclones, storage tanks, and as volumetric feeders. HD Valves are available in 8 standard sizes, ranging from .175 CFR to 16.6 CFR. They are available in cast iron construction (HD8x6 through HD24x24) or fabricated carbon steel (HD30x30 and HD36x36). HD Valves are ruggedly built, and offer a practical solution to many general material handling applications.

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