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Specifically designed for applications demanding the highest level of hygiene, normally associated with the food and pharmaceutical markets. The Mucon® K Series Iris Diaphragm Valve can be stripped down and cleaned in moments, without needing any tools.


  • All body parts are made from 316 stainless steel as standard
  • All fixings and fastenings are also manufactured in 316 stainless steel
  • The150mm and 200mm Iris valves have a white acetal control ring and trigger for reduced wear
  • The 250mm Iris valves have white acetal clamp rings, handle and trigger
  • The white moulded diaphragms of natural rubber, EPDM and silicone are all made from FDA approved materials


  • For any application where a high degree of cleanliness is required and where a regular strip down for cleaning is necessary. e.g. food & pharmaceutical industries
  • For handling pharmaceutical tablets and capsules
  • The soft diaphragm and gentle action of the valve prevents damage to the product therefore significantly reducing any waste product
  • These valves can be used on the walls of cleanrooms for glanding around cables, tubes or service pipes
  • Manually operated K Valve can be certified for ATEX zone 21D
  • The Power operated K Valve is certified for ATEX 1D/2D categories


  • Quick release and bolt mounted versions
  • Mounting flanges with quick release clamps allow the Series K to be welded to the client’s equipment
  • Available with tri-Clover compatible connection flanges, ideal for wall mounting in a cleanroom


  • Only the diaphragm comes into contact with the product
    Iris valve cannot jam
  • Easy to control the flow of powder and tablets
  • This valve is able to handle material densities up to 1600 kg/m³
  • Unique fasteners for rapid disassembly – no need for any tools
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • This valve has a moulded diaphragm that extends fully from inlet to outlet, therefore doubles as the valve’s gasket
  • Quick release or bolt mounting options to suit requirements
  • To ensures ease of operation and reduced maintenance plastic moving parts are used
  • Enables quick dismantling of body parts without the need for tools (hand operated units only)
  • Bore sizes – 150mm, 200mm and 250mm
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