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In its second generation, the Mucon® K2P Powered Iris Diaphragm Valve has been specifically designed for automatic and remote applications, which compliment the popular manual versions.

The K2P has been developed for applications where a high level of hygiene and superb material flow control is required. This new Mucon® Series K product range utilises patented design features and moulded diaphragm technology already employed throughout the K valve range.

Mucon® design engineers have balanced the need for quick disconnect, quick cleaning and hygienic design with the need for reliability and control system integration. This unique combination has resulted in a quantum leap in iris valve technology.


  • All body parts are made from 316 stainless steel as standard
  • Internal - aluminum
  • Control ring with stainless steel bearing and clamp rings
  • White ABS sensor cover
  • White moulded diaphragms of natural rubber, EPDM and silicone are all made from FDA approved materials
  • Body seal in FDA approved silicone rubber
  • All fixings and fastenings are also produced from 316L stainless steel


  • Ideal for use in any application where a high degree of cleanliness is required and where a regular strip down for cleaning is required, e.g. food & pharmaceutical industries
  • Used for controlling the flow of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules
  • The soft diaphragm and gentle action of the valve prevents damage to the product therefore significantly reducing waste product
  • For automated systems where controlled discharge of product into a process is necessary
  • Power operated valve with pulse generation assembly is perfectly suited for applications where product weighing or batching is necessary


  • Bolt mounting and quick release and bolt mounting versions
  • Weld able mounting flanges with quick release clamps
  • Geared electric motor or geared air motor operation
  • Electro-polished vee clamps allow the K2P valve to be held to the mating flanges
  • Blanking plate is available so that the valve can be fitted to the outlet of double cone blenders or similar
  • Open and closed switches with ‘pulse’ generation assembly for multi-position control (clients must have a suitable PLC in their control panel to count pulses)


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Only the FDA approved diaphragm makes contact with the product
  • Iris valves cannot /will not jam – unlike other types of valve
  • Makes control of the flow of material easy
  • Strong and yet gentle enough so as not to damage capsules and tablets


  • Moulded diaphragm extends fully from inlet to outlet, doubling as the valve’s gasket
  • Quick release or bolt mounting options to suit requirements
  • Ability to handle material densities up to 1600 kg/m³
  • The use of plastic moving parts ensures ease of operation and reduced maintenance
  • Bore sizes – 150mm and 200mm
  • Open, closed and an adjustable intermediate position switch is fitted as standard
  • Certified for ATEX 1D/2D categories
  • Open, closed and trickle-feed switches
  • Pneumatic or electric actuation
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