Pneumatic Conveying Accessories:
  • Dump Valves
  • Terminal Boxes
  • Dome Type Switch Valves
  • Tube Valves
  • Density Stabilisers
  • Rotary Vent Valves
  • Water Cooled Ball Valves

Dump Valves & Terminal Boxes

These form the termination of the pneumatic conveying transfer pipe and secure entry of the material into the chosen reception hopper.

Dump Valves are used where a number of hoppers positioned in series require selective feeding. They have two operating conditions, ‘straight through’ and ‘dump’. In the straight through condition, a self inflating easily replaceable seal closes off the respective hopper inlet, allowing the material to be conveyed ‘straight through’ to the next available reception point.

Terminal Boxes are used at the end of a series of dump valves or where there is only a single reception point within the pneumatic conveying system.

Dome Valve Switch Valves

The Dome Valve Switch Valve is used to provide material routing, where for example, a system is delivering to more than one reception point.

It allows the flow through its two outlets to be switched on or off independently, and offers the many high performance, long service benefits associated with the Dome Valve.

Tube Valve

Tube Valves are used to divert the material flow from a single source to either of two different destinations. A number of these valves placed in series within the transfer pipe can be used to direct the flow to many different destinations. In all cases, valve operation can be independent or form part of an automated PLC controlled routing system.

These valves are suitable for use with a wide range of free-flowing materials typically found within minerals and other process industries.

Density Stabilisers

Density Stabilisers are located along the conveying route at set intervals to fluidise the conveying material and facilitate the conveying process.

Rotary Vent Valves

Rotary Vent Valves are designed to be used in vent line applications for pneumatic conveying pressure vessels, where the product being handled is abrasive and the vessel is vented at high pressure.

The seal arrangement self adjusts to compensate for normal wear and the sealing arrangement is fully replaceable, when required.

A significant advantage of the Schenck Process valve is the operation of the valve has a slow closing action to aid seal’s life and quick and a hi-torque opening action to reduce initial velocities through valve. There is also an integral knock out box for initial reduction in vent velocity.

Rotary vent valves are available in outlet dimensions from 50 to 200mm.

Water Cooled Ball Valves

Water cooled ball valves and clam valves are suitable for products at temperatures between 480°C and 750°C. Commonly used for the handling of hot dry pellets.

Water cooled valves are available in three options in selective sizes throughout the range: Water cooled top plate only, water cooled top plate including a water cooled dome, water cooled top plate including a water cooled dome and a water cooled body.

These units are bespoke and therefore can be modified to exact process requirements.

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