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The CMD airlock is ideal for applications in systems where traditional Schenck Process MD airlocks handling dry raw or finished products have been utilized, but where increased levels of inspection or system clean-out are now required. Because the CMD is designed for high process rates and possesses a number of features suited for sanitary processes the airlock is perfect for food and pet food applications.

  • Rugged construction with rotor design provides adequate resistance to deformation at any pressure within the intended use
  • Easy access to seals with rotor removed from the endplate
  • All stainless steel construction (endplate bearings are an exception)
  • Inner endplate bearings can be replaced without full disassembly of the endplate from the valve
  • The valves ability to resist deflection in the rotor during operation makes it suited for applications where convey pressure or vacuum could vary
  • Close clearance design reduces overall leakage through the valve and minimizes pneumaticsystem losses
  • Maximum 32 Ra finish on all wetted (product contact) parts
  • Rail removal system consisting of stainless steel composite linear bearings pressed into machined housing bosses, stainless steel precision rails and Allen Bradley non-contact safety switch for indication of endplate engagement
  • Seal air purge kit with flow meter for each endplate
  • NEMA motors
  • Speed sensor in tail end cover

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