Technology Innovation CONiQ Control IDS Optimizes Existing Conveying Line

The world’s leading detergent manufacturer, part of a multinational consumer goods corporation, was looking to make modifications to their recently installed salt transfer system in North Africa. Schenck Process was approached to quote the improvements due to its long-standing relationship with the customer. This relationship and Schenck Process’s reputation as a market leader in delivering fully customized process solutions meant that the Group was strongly positioned to support the customer's unique requirements.

The customer was looking to generate greater efficiencies in an existing conveying system by installing a divertor valve on a dense phase pneumatic line and transferring additional material to the receiving day bin location. To enable this, Schenck Process provided costs for several components, the necessary switch/divertor valve, terminal box, and most critically, the CONiQ Control IDS, Schenck Process’s latest innovation in pneumatic conveying density technology. The customer was aware of the potential benefits of installing the CONiQ Control IDS technology and was keen to explore them further.

In reviewing the customer’s system, Schenck Process was able to identify that the CONiQ Control IDS would reduce the vibration that the client had been experiencing on the existing conveying line and, importantly, enable the system to operate at a higher capacity. Schenck Process’s extensive expertise in this field enabled it to exceed its customer’s original expectations, determine an innovative way to improve their process, and offer an effective workable solution.

Data Learnings and Dense Phase Conveying Innovation

Schenck Process was able to provide a unique level of support to its customer by pre-engineering the configuration of their dense phase conveying system and analyzing the resulting data. Using the Schenck Process Test and Innovation Center based in Doncaster, UK, the team was able to fully calculate the benefits for the customer and provide them with full visibility of the results, giving them confidence in the solution before any costs had been incurred.

CONiQ Control IDS is the very latest innovation in dense phase pneumatic conveying technology for dry, coarse, and granular powders. It is simple to install and can be easily configured no matter how complex the customer’s requirements are. It has been specifically designed to improve efficiencies in dense phase pneumatic conveying by either transferring the material at higher rates without an increase in energy consumption or by lowering energy costs with its efficient usage of air.

Throughput was the main driver for this particular customer, and they chose the option to increase their transfer rate from 42 tonnes per hour to 50 tonnes per hour without increasing air consumption – thereby driving greater energy efficiencies. Having CONiQ Control IDS retrofitted to their existing conveying line, optimized the system and was able to quickly achieve this substantial rate increase without any other changes to the existing hardware needing to be made.

Simple System Installation Delivers Significant Return on Investment 

The plug-and-play functionality of CONiQ Control IDS worked well for the detergents manufacturer. An injection unit that is so easy to install, even onto a competitor’s conveying line, provided an opportunity to quickly benefit from their investment, recovering the initial capital outlay over a short period.

To ensure the customer was confident in the accuracy of the data and results, Schenck Process provided them with a flowmeter to monitor the benchmark airflows data from their original system. They were able to use this to determine the base mark prior to the installation taking place. Once CONiQ Control IDS had been installed the measurements were retaken, confirming the proposal, and proving the numbers originally presented. 

Schenck Process was successful in delivering a system configured to the specific requirements of its customer. With thorough upfront testing, it was able to demonstrate the positive impact of CONiQ Control IDS on production without the client incurring any risk. By achieving a 20% increase in throughput Schenck Process was able to demonstrate its commitment to optimizing processes and enabling its valued customer to reap the rewards of digital innovation in pneumatic conveying technologies.

CONiQ Control IDS Injected Density Stabilizers for Energy-Efficient Pneumatic Dense Phase Conveying

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