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Leading Dairy Producer Maximizes Production with Kemutec

Kemutec, part of the Schenck Process Group, is a global leader in Screening, Sifters, Mixing and Milling systems in the Food Processing industry. Cremo, the second-largest milk processing company in Switzerland, required a dependable mill for their powder production in canton Fribourg, which Kemutec supplied in the form of their KEK Cone Mill CM540-UB. The outcome for Cremo was a quick and easy solution that allowed them to ensure longer production runs.

Solution for Cremo

Due to the nature of their Dairy business, Kemutec deduced that Cremo needed a machine that had a maximum inlet through an under-driven execution to avoid any risk of sticky product building-up. Also, it needed to be CIP-able for mobile and easy cleaning, which is required for the Dairy industry. With Kemutec's range of under belt-driven Cone Mills, the client was able to keep up a high standard of produce while dealing with a high quantity of raw materials.

The Cone Mill CM540-UB was installed after the spray tower, which ensured longer production runs. With the under-drive, there was complete access to the grinding area. This removed the risk of blocking the inlet as it provided a straight feed of the sticky and lumpy powders.

The Cone Mill is designed to be easily accessible; it has interchangeable screens and requires a low energy supply, which was ideal for Cremo. Even though it was one of Kemutec's larger Mills, it required little time and effort to install, becoming a rapid, hygienic, adaptable and cost-efficient experience for the client.

Kemutec Cone Mills

Kemutec has an extensive portfolio of Mills from lab, pilot and bulk production that suits a comprehensive variety of milling applications. They can typically mill particles from between D50 – 500 μ to < 250 μ. There are many different desired materials within the food processing industry, such as sugar, potato or oat flake, chocolate, creme biscuits, confectionery, spice mixes and producing breadcrumbs. They range from granules to agglomerates, to powders.

With that in mind, Kemutec's Mills are specifically designed for:

  • Lump breaking
  • Powder densification
  • Variation of Flaks
  • Wet granulation
  • Rework and regrinding

Kemutec's Cone Mills are optimal for reliable and clean size reduction. They are a leader in the food industry for this technology, due to their ability to work at high and low speeds while milling across diverse materials. Also, customers have the option to specify the shape and size of the cone and rotor gap. It leads to the optimization of milling, which results in highly efficient workflow and low energy consumption. 

Granulation Grinding Cone Mill Machine from Kemutec for Gentle Milling

Adaptable Solution

KEK Cone Mills are adaptable to match any existing machinery's needs. They are easily accessible for cleaning, ideally suited for dairy applications while also being CIP-able if desired. Flexibility is vital for customers; Kemutec's Cone Mills come ready for quick and easy integration in a vacuum conveying system, becoming one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Reducing Costs

Reduced energy with systematic functionality is essential for saving the customer money; however, it is not the only value feature. Kemutec's Mills virtually utilize the entire input, ensuring no leftover residue in the size reduction process.

They also keep dust and heat generation levels extremely low. Having little to no dust lets the user cut down on air filtration, while heat reduction is essential when milling fatty, sticky, or heat-sensitive products.

The gentle grinding action can also reduce costs, ensuring uniform material size distribution with minimal fines.

Designed to fit into already installed apparatus, the KEK Cone Mills are adaptable to match the existing machinery's needs.

In conclusion, the client received a solution that was:




Low energy

Kemutec is recognized globally as a quality brand for powder processing technologies that enable size reduction, reliable screening and size classification, as well as consistent mixing and blending. Their systems feature a variety of Sifters, Mixing Machines and Milling Machines, backed by material handling solutions. Kemutec forms part of the Schenck Process Group, and the industries they support include Food Powder Processing, Chemical Powders and Pharmaceuticals. The group's solutions are all hygienically, custom-designed to the highest standards. Their long-established product brands are KEK, GARDNER and PPS. More information on Kemutec can be found at

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