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MoveMaster® C Offers Unique Alternative Fuel Solution

Českomoravský Cement, a.s, part of the Heidelberg Cement Group, is the largest cement producer in the Czech Republic. They supply a wide range of high-quality bulk and packaged cement, including portland, slag, limestone, portland mixed, and blast furnaces. Operating from two Czech production plants, Českomoravský Cement’s Radotín location required a new conveyor to transport alternative fuels to their main burner. Schenck Process, a leading global manufacturer in receiving, weighing, feeding, and transporting alternative fuels in the cement industry, became the obvious candidate for the customer.

Need for a Sustainable Solution

Českomoravský Cement was working under the constraints of an older conveying model. Their existing system had an inadequate belt-based conveyor, which wasn't up to the higher standard of technology that they were operating towards. However, the need to replace the system also came with a particular set of stipulations. Českomoravský Cement required a specific feed rate, improved stability, and most crucially, eliminated material blockage within the conveyor, for reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance.

Schenck Process offered a localized team, local manufacturing, and a Czech-based but globally accessible Test and Innovation Centre through which it could effectively test and model its customer’s processes to reach the optimal solution for Českomoravský Cement. As a result of the close collaboration, Schenck Process solidified itself as the prime candidate for the project, backed by its wealth of experience within the alternative fuels sector.

Schenck Process supplied Českomoravský Cement, a.s with a new MoveMaster® C (MMC) chain conveyor to transport alternative fuels to their primary burner. This was equipped with its well-known, robust Redler forged chains, as part of a full turn-key conveying system. In total, the client received a patented design with vital parts and equipment to optimize their new conveying system.

Providing Applications for Sustainable Cement Production

The cement industry is evolving and the need for more sustainable and alternative fuels is becoming even more apparent. Being at the forefront of offering innovative solutions, Schenck Process has dedicated a vast amount of time and resources to researching and designing its equipment in the field of alternative fuels. This is further underpinned by their investment in their Test and Innovation Centre, purely focused on alternative fuels in the Czech Republic. Not only are new solutions showcased and in operation here, but clients can also experience how much easier maintenance of their new technologies will be. It has helped position Schenck Process as the go-to manufacturer and innovator of solutions within the cement industry, and this experience paid dividends in this project for the client. 

Localized Team Supplies Innovative Service

Schenck Process Czech Republic was on hand to deliver its expert advice in a localized manner. Having a specific team dedicated to a customer's region allowed for smooth communication. Not only was the customer able to conduct business in their native language, but they also had access to the benefits that Schenck Process had to offer from its team on-site in terms of after-sales services.

Enclosed Belt Conveyor and Elevator for Cement and Alternative Fuels

Delivering on Expectations

Schenck Process's MMC chain conveyor succeeded in the client’s required feed rate up to 15 t/h (150 m3/h), maintained high stability in transported alternative fuel materials to the burner without stoppages and prevented blockages. Most importantly it is also helping contribute towards Českomoravský Cement’s sustainability goals by using less energy with only approximately 62% of the nominal current (18,5/29,5). This is against a stark improvement from the old system’s rate, which conveyed 8 t/h with a significantly high 90% of the nominal current. 

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