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Safe, Reliable, and Precise Sieve Solutions from Kemutec

When a global chemicals manufacturer needed to replace their centrifugal sifters based at one of their sites in Malaysia, they returned to Kemutec, the supplier of their original machines from over twenty years previously. The performance, longevity, and durability of the original KEK sifters and a well-established global relationship with Kemutec made them the natural choice for the client when they decided to modernize their sifting technology.

Long Standing Global Relationship Enables Full Understanding of The Customer’s Requirements

Kemutec’s relationship with the chemical specialist client has spanned over twenty years and different continents. As a result, Kemutec has developed a unique understanding of their needs and could precisely meet their process and installation requirements. Since the initial installation, Kemutec has also been on-hand to provide ongoing support in the form of components, maintenance, and repairs when required

Being satisfied with the current setup, Kemutec designed and manufactured the centrifugal sifters to meet their client’s requirements without the need to make alterations to their site. In addition, the new sifters were modified to incorporate updated design improvements, including additional access doors for easy cleaning and maintenance. The easy access and rapid screen change functionality provided them with unprecedented high standards of hygiene.

Custom Built Design for Challenging Conditions and Unparalleled Performance

The material the client sifts is sulfur powder and therefore requires accurate, safe, and reliable precision machinery, particularly because it could potentially be highly volatile. It is imperative that the machines run effectively and safely under inert conditions, using a nitrogen gas environment inside of the sifter instead of oxygen to eliminate the risk of an explosion occurring in the event of a spark or other ignition source.

Taking the potential volatility of the feed material into consideration, Kemutec developed a custom-designed centrifugal sifter. The tailored sifter ensured safe operation while processing the sulfur powder. Failure to do so could result in potentially dangerous processing conditions and severe consequences. The new KEK centrifugal sifters enable the client to sift and screen high volumes of powder at high speed with greater efficiency than other methods of sifting, whilst ensuring that their sifting process continues to be safe.

The previous centrifugal sifters Kemutec installed enabled the client to carry out regular, effective quality control checks, sieving out extraneous materials and making sure contaminants did not find their way into the system. This strategy of stringently policing the material was also naturally reflected in the new models. Dealing with large quantities of highly volatile material such as sulfur powder makes it essential to have the ability to reliably screen out any unwanted product, ensure a contaminant-free yield and guarantee the final product is of the highest quality and delivered safely. By making minimal changes to the designs of the original centrifugal sifters, Kemutec was able to replace the machinery with minimal disruption to the client’s production lines.

High Intensity, High Volume Screeners for Powders and Granules

Kemutec’s high capacity KEK sifters can process anything from a few kilograms up to 90 tonnes per hour and most feature a unique cantilever design with an easy access panel for cleaning and maintenance. These sifters are most commonly manufactured with white nylon screens; however, Kemutec also provides alternative components for special applications including anti-static screens using carbon filaments as well as metal wedge-wire screens for more arduous or heavy-duty applications.

From food products such as sugar or vegetable powders to pharmaceutical substances, like detergents, Kemutec sifters are used across a wide variety of industries. For complete peace of mind that materials are perfectly matched, realistic tests in Kemutec’s Test and Innovation Centre can determine optimum processes and successful results. In addition, technical experts have the ability to configure high-efficiency sifting technology to meet a client’s precise needs. This allows the delivery of unparalleled performance and durability without compromising on quality.

Centrifugal Sifter with Hygienic Design and High Sifts Volume

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