Perfect screening

    The Schenck Process screening technology TestCenter in Germany.

    A wealth of materials have to be screened. What is important is that every raw material is screened in the manner most suited to it.

    But which screen panel is best suited to your bulk material? The experts at our new screening technology TestCenter in Darmstadt will find the perfect solution for you. This ultra-modern facility for material and prototype testing is centred around perfectly matched screening processes.

    Key factors in ensuring that everything works smoothly are the process focus and solid design of the screening machine. Staff in the screening technology TestCenter are always busy working out which screening technology is best suited to which material. Even a slight change to the vibration severity or screen panel makes a small but crucial difference.

    The ideal panel for the most demanding material

    Depending on what the customer needs, the corresponding test material is conveyed to the screening machine on a weighfeeder. Not only can this be set to all possible operating parameters in various ways, but the screen panels can be interchanged as required.

    Polyurethane, rubber, spring steel or reinforced steel – our screening experts will find the perfect screen for the most demanding material. Once screening has taken place, the purity and efficiency of the result is analysed in depth to establish the optimum operating parameters for the test material. All this is very important for application engineers and designers when precisely adapting products to the requirements of our customers.

    Benefits for you:

    • Finding the optimum screen panel for maximum screening efficiency

    • Exact separation of your bulk solids, such as sinter, pellets, coke, coal, ore, limestone

    • Screen panels can be interchanged in any way

    • Optimum screening machine adaptation to individual challenges

    Exact separation of a wide range of bulk solids

    • Ore, coal or coke

    • Polyurethane, rubber, spring steel or reinforced steel

    • Recycled material

    • Sand, gravel, ballast or crushed stones

    • Soft, medium and hard stones