Product Training

    Stock Equipment Company provides an on-site, training session for feeder system owners. Training details the importance of accuracy, maintenance, inspection and parts as well as a forum to discuss feeder issues. A knowledgeable Stock engineer will conduct the training which is beneficial to anyone with exposure to the feed systems, including maintenance supervisors, planners and plant engineers

    • Feeder Basics
    • Microprocessor Controls
    • Calibration
    • Belt Drive Motor Speed Controller
    • Troubleshooting
    • Inspection of Feeder
    • Reduce Feeder Downtime
    • Increase Plant Staff Knowledge
    • Open Discussion

    Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information or to schedule training at your facility today.

    High employee turnover can create confusion along the feeder floor. Stock Equipment’s training seminar is a quick and efficient way to train new employees who will be working with the feeders to minimize downtime and improve accuracy. The session is completed in one day and includes the topics of discussion listed below. An open forum is also provided to discuss any questions, problems and areas of concern that may remain.