Onsite AccuCheck Chain Testing

    If you have concerns about attaining the proper fuel/air ratio, or you have concerns about the overall accuracy of your Stock Equipment Gravimetric Feeders, Stock Equipment can provide AccuCheck Chain Testing. The AccuCheck chain will lay along the belt of your weigh feeder, and a Stock Equipment service engineer will perform a series of tests to verify the accuracy of your gravimetric feeder. The service engineer will then provide you with detailed results and recommendations for maintenance.

    AccuCheckTM feeder accuracy verification is Stock Equipment’s patented technique that evaluates your feeder’s accuracy, requiring minimum time and effort.

    AccuCheck is an economical and reliable method to validate the weighing accuracy of your Stock Equipment gravimetric feeders. The AccuCheck method uses a proprietary chain system and calibration technique to conduct tests to verify feeder accuracy. These tests are comparable to actual material tests, but without the additional hassle of obtaining and handling material. Extensive research in Stock Equipment’s full-scale testing facility has demonstrated that the AccuCheck procedure can measure your feeder’s accuracy within ±0.2 percent of a comparable material test.


    • Evaluates feeder accuracy with minimal time and effort.
    • Economical and reliable.
    • Efficient: Tests conducted in just one hour.
    • Precise: Measures accuracy within ±0.2 percent of comparable material test.
    • Tests performed on-site or in Stock Equipment’s full-scale testing facility.