FitnessCheck Inspections

    FitnessCheck is a thorough examination of key components in your weighing, feeding and material handling Equipment as well as electrostatic precipitators and ESP controls. A Stock Equipment service engineer will perform the FitnessCheck and present a detailed report on the current condition of your Equipment. After you have reviewed the detailed report, Stock Equipment service professionals will provide consultation regarding the implementation of recommended actions. Stock Equipment can then assist you in making the necessary repairs, provide training in preventive maintenance and supply you with an inventory of recommended spare parts.


    • Can be performed during regularly scheduled outages.
    • Save money by avoiding unscheduled production downtimes.
    • Maintain proper inventory of spare parts.
    • Assist in planning for future work.
    • Clearly defined report allows easy identification of problem areas.

    FitnessChecks performed on:

    • Feeders to maintain accuracy

    • ESP Controls to optimize efficiency

    • TR Sets and SMPS to evaluate equipment condition and optimize performance

    • ESP inspections to identify performance problem areas

    • ESP process analysis to optimize performance

    • Coal Yard feeding, weighing and conveying to increase longevity by identifying wear and structural issues