One of its kind in the filtration industry

    TestCenter for air filtering in Sabetha, Kansas.

    Countless tests a year determine how industrial airborne particulates are best handled. This valuable information helps us design and specify the best solution for your dust collection challenges.

    TestCenter for particle emissions tests

    The facility is the only one of its kind in the filtration industry. The PET equipment records and graphs air flow and velocity, air-to-cloth ratios, pressure differentials, inlet loading and outlet mass emissions.

    The following tests are available:

    • Pulse jet baghouse

    • Vertical cartridge pulse jet

    • Horizontal down-flow cartridge pulse jet

    • Medium pressure/high-volume MCF

    • SEntry

    Come and watch as your particulate samples are analysed and tested on various combinations of filtration equipment and filter media. View equipment performance for yourself to see how various dust collection systems perform. Test videos are available to share with management teams.