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Rubber Cross Tension Mats

Rubber Cross Tension Mats Rubber Cross Tension Mats Rubber Cross Tension Mats

Rubber cross tension cloths are best suited for medium coarse to fine screening applications. The use of rubber will reduce noise, reduce blockage and offer exceptional wear capabilities. Screenex rubber cross tension mats are manufactured using 2 layers of premium quality wear resistant rubber with a tyre cord reinforcement between the layers.

Thinner cloths (3, 5, 7, 10 & 15mm thick) have single ply fabric reinforcement while 20, 25 & 35mm thick cloths have 2 layers. The polyester fabric reinforcement allows for correct and constant tensioning of the cloth.


Some of the advantages that Rubber Tension Mats have over other screening media include:

  • Fit most manufacturers‘ screens
  • Highly flexible - reduced pegging & blinding
  • Highly flexible - improved stratification
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Screenex rubber tension mats are ideally suited for high frequency screens with longitudinal support bars. They are effectively used in primary, secondary and tertiary screening applications as well as rotary trommel screens.

* Please note: All cross tension products can be converted to modular if desired.

Range of Screenex Rubber:

PD40 (40 durometer)

Softer rubber with high flexibility to solve the toughest blinding problems. PD40 rubber can be used between -40° C (-40° F) and 70° C (150° F). See our Flexi Rubber panel.

PD65 (65 durometer)

Hard rubber that is best for High impact applications like scalping or heavy feed rates. PD65 rubber can be used between -50° C (-60° F) and 70° C (150° F).

Cross Tensioned Screen Mat Types

Punched Rubber Screen Cloth:

Screenex offers a punched rubber screen cloth which can be customised to suit your application and screening desires.

A range of different aperture shapes and sizes are available.

Panel Extras

Screenex stocks the following range of Cross Tension Mat extras:
  • „L“ Type Weirs
  • Impact Zones
  • Discharge Flaps
  • Stainless Steel Side Hooks
  • Heavy Duty Side Hooks

Please speak to your Screenex representative for more information.

Panel Sizes

  • Maximum Overhooks Dimension: 3.5m
  • Maximum Width Dimension: 1.525m

Customised sizes are also available upon request.