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Letter to our customers:
Screenex Pty Ltd – Member of the Schenck Process Group

28th of June 2009

Dear Business Partner

In September 2008, the Schenck Process Group were delighted to have welcomed Screenex Pty Ltd
(herein referred to as “Screenex”) into the Group.

Fully owned by the Schenck Process Group, Screenex continues apace with its leading R&D
developments in the field of screening media to suit the specific requirements of the Australian and wider international mineral processing markets.

Therefore, the combined capabilities and product offerings of Screenex and Schenck Process now
enables customers to purchase both their capital equipment vibratory screening machines and the
integral process critical screening panels from the one knowledgeable group of companies – the Schenck Process Group.

Sole owners of the Screenex trademark in Australia, our designs and solutions are innovative, simple to use and deliver notable customer benefits. Screenex are committed to constantly evaluating material formulations, panel designs and manufacturing processes in order to improve both the quality and service life of our screen panels and frame configurations. Our ultimate aim continues to be offering customers the most efficient and effective screening solutions available.

Within Australia, Screenex panels are only available through Screenex Pty Ltd, the one true supplier. Backed by leading in-house application expertise, exclusive patented & licensed technology and on-site technical engineers we remain committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to the market.

Screenex’s contact details remain unchanged. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact your regular partner with your new equipment, after sales and service enquiries. Thank you for your continued business and please let us know how we can offer further assistance to support your business.

Yours faithfully
Jeff Zubovich
Managing Director

Unit 1, 76 – 80 Vella Drive, Sunshine VIC 3020
Ph: (03) 9300 8000 Fax: (03) 9312 1263
ABN 43 088 365 753