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Why purchase Screenex® Screen media and systems?

High Open Area

The patented Screenex Pipetop rail system combined with the Maxi panel offers the most open area in the industry.

Extended Wear Life

Special material compounds enable Screenex polyurethane and rubber screen panels to exhibit exceptional wear characteristics in both wet and dry applications.

Modular Screen Panel Design

Our screen panel options allow more economical screen changeover by replacing only the localised worn area rather than the traditional large mat system.


Our modular screen panels are much easier to handle, install and remove than large panel media such as wire cloth or punch plate.

Versatile Fastening Systems

Screenex offers a range of fixing systems to suit all applications and screening environments. The new PolySnap pin less screening system allows for a quick simple change out of screen decks. The pin-style fastening system is the most successful and commonly used system in the industry. Screen panels are easily installed using a mallet and removed with a screwdriver.

Flat Deck Surface

The Screenex modular system provides a flat deck surface, which results in even distribution of material as opposed to a crowned deck that is prone to channelling material down the side of the screen.

Noise Reduction

Screenex rubber and polyurethane screens drastically reduce noise levels, sometimes as much as 10-15 decibels, compared to wire cloth or punch plate.

Injection Moulded Construction

All our modular screen panels are made with an injection moulding process which ensures accurate construction of all panels. This also means that surface features like weirs and rider bars are an integrated part of the panel construction, not glued or bolted on.