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Screenex® modular screen panels offer the benefits of wear resistance and accurate screening in a light weight system which is designed to reduce maintenance and downtime. [... more]


Rubber has been used as a screen media material for more than 25 years. Its natural characteristics for impact resistance make it a better choice than polyurethane in specific applications. [... more]


Screenex® accessories are parts that provide additional flexibility in customising a Screenex screen media system to a specific application. [... more]

Fixing Systems

Fixing Systems are the means by which the screen panels are attached to the frame. Screenex® offer a variety of options, depending on the demands of your application. [... more]


Screenex® high tensile and stainless steel screens offer a comprehensive range which is available for use in a variety of applications. Woven wire offers a high open area and excellent screen efficiency. [... more]