Raymond® Flash Dryers

Proven Equipment for Your Drying Needs

Raymond Flash Dryers.Raymond® flash dryers are simple to operate and well known for high on-line availability. Designed for use with fine, low to moderately abrasive, non-metallic, sticky, and heat sensitive materials, as well as for flash calcining applications.

Raymond® flash dryers have been providing processing solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, ceramic, pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer, plastic and other industries worldwide.

The Raymond® Flash Drying Process

Flash drying is the rapid removal of moisture from mesh and micron sized solids that give off moisture easily, primarily as surface water. The wet material is dried by conveying it in a high velocity hot air stream. The short retention time in a flash drying system provides for maximum control of product quality.

Raymond® Flash Drying Systems

The essential components of a basic flash drying system are an air heater, feeder for introduction of the wet material, drying column, cyclone collector, secondary dust collector, vent fan and connective duct work. Raymond® flash dryers are provided with automatic temperature, pressure and electrical controls, with burner systems capable of firing natural gas, propane and/or oil. Raymond® flash dryers can also be combined with other functions such as pulverizing, separation, classification and conveying for use in additional process applications.  Click for Product Bulletin

Various Arrangements

  • Air Stream Flash Dryers: designed to bring wet dispersible products into contact with a heated high velocity gas stream.
  • Cage Mill Flash Dryers: utilized with wet, lumpy and dispersible products where the agitation and turbulence created by the cage mill assists in drying of surface moisture.
  • Imp Mill Flash Dryers: selected when size reduction of the process material is also required.
  • Flash Calciners: provided when higher product temperatures are required to drive off chemically bound water.
  • Flash Coolers: appropriate when high temperature process materials need to be cooled and transported to an elevated silo or storage bin.

Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System

Cage Mill Flash Drying System.The Raymond Cage Mill Flash Drying System is designed fro drying agglomerated materials that do not require size reduction. The cage mill is a low energy consumption device that increase s drying performance resulting in improved product  quality.

The cage mill design consists of an agitator type rotor enclosed in a welded steel housing with carbon steel liners and a tangential outlet. A rotor and blade assembly with sets of variable length carbon steel bars are arranged and welded concentrically on a steel spider.

The cage mill housing is provided with bolted, machined, gas and dust tight flanged joints. The v-belt driven mill is supplied with heavy-duty roller bearings that allow for trouble free, smooth operation under the high temperature conditions the mill experiences.


  • Disintegrates and agitates material.
  • Improves drying by increasing turbulence and retention time.
  • Accepts a wide range of material size and moisture conditions.
  • Heavy-duty design for nonstop 24 hour operation  minimum maintenance.
  • Rotor mounts on retractable carriage and includes replaceable blades.
  • Available with flash drying /calcining.

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