Ehrsam® Spiroglide Belt Conveyor Idlers

Reduce Spillage, Lower Maintenance & Longer Belt Life

Spiroglide belt conveyor idlers deliver the durability and performance you've come to expect from Ehrsam bulk material handling systems and components.

Because the spiroglide idler is a spring which flexes under load and adjusts to handle surcharge angles for material of any weight, your belt conveyors will deliver the continuous, reliable performance you need - even when handling large, abrasive aggregates.

The catenary curve formed by the idler's unique design increases carrying capacity and reduces sharp edges. The idler's spring resiliency cushions the load for reduced spillage, prolonged belt life, lower maintenance and quiet operation.Spiroglide belt conveyor idlers, rollers, from Ehrsam.


  • Resilient, high-strength steel springs form a smooth, natural trough for total belt contact.
  • Spring is self-cleaning and provide self-training operation.
  • Open design allows for easy replacement.
  • Rotating "U" brackets for materials. In for light-to-heavy materials with low surcharge angles. Out for heavier materials with high surcharge angles.
  • End assembly with ductile iron bearing housing has large trunnion mounts. Dust proof.
  • Heavy welded-steel frames.
  • Self-cleaning return idlers.