Ehrsam® Engineered Equipment & OEM Parts for Wallboard Plants

Ehrsam Operations engineers and supplies most of the individual component machines and equipment for wallboard plants. Also, as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we have the original manufacturing drawings to supply the correct replacement parts for your existing equipment.

Calcining Kettles
The calcining kettles remove chemically bound water from raw pulverized gypsum. The material is simultaneously heated and agitated in a carefully controlled process. The resulting product, a homogeneous calcines stucco, is then transferred to a holding bin at the head of a wallboard plant. Individual kettle capacities range from 10 to 20 tons per hour of stucco.

Calcining kettles remove chemically bound water from raw, pulverized gypsum.

Board bundlers receive pairs of dried wallboard panels either booked face to face or stacked. The bundler squares and aligns them, trims the ends to the desired finished length and them end-tapes the booked boards prior to stacking.

Wallboard bundlers.

Pin Mixers
A pin mixer continuously blends stucco, water, foam and other additives into a homogeneous mixture and discharges it on the "face" paper at the start of the wallboard making process.

Pin mixer equipment for gypsum.

Microprocessor Controlled Knives
Ehrsam high speed rotary cut-off knives are electronically controlled to provide accurate and uniform length cuts on the green wallboard prior to drying. We can guarantee tolerances of + 1/16" for a single stream board operation. This accuracy results in minimum waste during final end trimming of dried finished wallboard in the bundler.

Gypsum cut-off knives.