Ehrsam® Bucket Elevator Systems

Ehrsam bucket elevators are available in a wide variety of sizes and models to meet most standard operations. Our engineers are available to design specific equipment and systems to meet your custom applications.

Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators

Ideal for handling free flowing, fine to small lump material such as coal, sand, clay, cullet or dry powders and chemicals. Buckets mounted at spaced intervals are loaded by either material flowing directly into the bucket or by scooping material up from the bottom of the boot. Material is discharged by centrifugal force as the buckets pass over the head wheel.

Standard models include fixed heat shafts and adjustable screw type take-ups. Gravity take-ups are available. Models with adjustable head shafts and boot shafts are ideal for handling materials that tend to pack or build up in the boot or for food and other materials that contain a high percentage of lumps. Centrifugal discharge bucket elevators offer either iron or steel buckets and chains or belts.

Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators for free flowing, fine to small lump material.

 Continuous Bucket Elevators

Commonly used for light to heavy materials with fine to large lumps. Mounted continuously on chain, the buckets are arranged so that the one immediately proceeding the bucket passing over the head wheel acts as the chute to cushion the descending material and direct it into the discharge spout. Standard model buckets are filed either by a direct flow of material or by scooping material from the bottom of the boot. Features steel plate and angle iron construction.

Material flows directly into the steel buckets from a loading leg. The continuous steel buckets are mounted on a single chain.

Ehrsam super capacity continuous bucket elevators are designed to handle large volumes of heavy or abrasive materials containing fine to large lumps. Its buckets, end-mounted between dual strands of chain, are filled directly from a loading leg.

Continuous Bucket Elevators for light to heavy materials with fine to large lumps.