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The inexpensive solution for decentralised measuring and control
Excellent cost-effectiveness and variety of applications are what single out the DISOMAT® Satus digital scale transmitter. It is suitable for a large number of simple, standard weighing tasks.

Application examples:
Weight monitoring and control of single-component feeding processes. Together with Schenck Process DMA measuring eyes, it can be used easily and inexpensively for fill level measurements with lower accuracy requirements.

Diverse and flexible:
Barrier sets are directly installed in the field housing or in the 19” rack mounting as a scale transmitter or as a slender model. This is optimal for multiple-scale applications.

Fully system-ready:
A wide range of serial interfaces and field buses enable integration into the process control system. Communication is also possible via conventional interfaces.

Convenient operation using a PC:
The Windows program DISOPLAN enables even non-technical personnel to make the necessary adjustments via a PC/Notebook.