Transformer rectifier sets

Conventional ESP T/R sets

T/R sets offer conventional 60Hz ESP power supplies with uncompromising quality, ruggedness, and reliability. Based on the original Westinghouse design, our T/R sets provide dependable low maintenance service for decades. Every T/R set is built utilizing only copper wire on both the primary and secondary windings for maximum performance and minimum heat generation inside the tank. The heavy duty tanks provide superior mechanical strength and full vacuum processing capabilities up to 15 PSIG.

Superior Design Center
The ESP product design center provides either standard or custom T/R sizing. The standard designs provide a low cost option with superior T/R performance. The custom designs provide our customers with exact fit, form and function of any T/R set. We will design a T/R set that mounts in your existing available space as well as aligns the output bushing(s) to the existing bus ducts. The customizations provides for a low cost installation as the new T/R set will not require any field modifications to existing stands, bus ducts, cable terminations, etc.

Transformer Rectifier Sets features include:
  • Outputs 36-75 kV average
  • 100 – 3000 mA Outputs
  • Proven Westinghouse Design
  • Single or Dual Bushing
  • External and Internal Ground Switch
  • Current Limiting Reactors
  • 100% Copper-Wound transformer
  • 100% testing on all Transformers
  • Heavy Duty Diode Stacks
  • Standard Sizes
  • Custom Sizes
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