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Spreads a curtain-like flow of material

Spreading a uniform curtain-like flow of material across a relatively wide area is not an easy job for most feeders. Many feeders operate at less than 200 rpm, producing an erratic, pulsating flow, which affects accuracy and uniformity. Schenck Process’ SolidsFlow™ Model 5000 Streamout Feeder delivers a controlled, continuously uniform flow across the entire length of the feed tray outlet. The result is consistent application and product quality.

The SolidsFlow™ Model 5000 Streamout Feeder incorporates a unique one-piece feed tray that is designed to control and accommodate the material’s flow characteristics. The tray works with the material’s natural angle of repose preventing any flow when the drive is turned off. No spillage. No run-on.

Features & Benefits
  • Streams from 8” to 66” (203 to 1,676 mm) wide. Feeders can be combined to produce wider streams.
  • Instant cut-ff for optimal batch accuracy. No cut-off gates required.
  • Reliable, controlled flow without flow-aid devices.
  • Lower power requirements.
  • Less operating cost.
  • No moving parts. Few spare parts.
  • Simple design. Easy installation.