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The solution with added benefits
The true value of these static train scales from Schenck Process can be appreciated by adding up all their adapted application-specific features.
Each wheel load is recorded by its own weighbridge when the loading vehicle is parked in the defined position. Our direct weighing system allows the left and right sides of the wheels to be separated by firmly screwing each weighed track piece onto two DWB weighbeams. When the scales are in use, the weighbeams can be relied upon to transfer all forces and torque without distorting the measurement.

Loud and clear arguments:
can be refitted quickly, shallow foundation depth, simple to implement, low risk of contamination, no foundation pit.

Other benefits
If the weighbeams are large enough, the train scales require virtually no maintenance since no additional bearing elements or guides have to be fitted.
The weighing mechanism is protected from overload without the need for additional elements by the flexible transfer of dynamic impact forces to the track body via a chute, vehicle frame and wheel-rail connection.

The right evaluation electronics:
DISOBOX® can monitor all individual load cell signals. DISOPLAN® records proportions of dynamic impact load by quantity over time and helps to quickly detect shunt forces caused by high levels of contamination.

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