Round airlock multi-duty (RAM)

Airlock for pneumatic conveying systems

The Schenck Process RAM airlock is a highly universal airlock. Offering rugged service, the RAM is suitable for use in dilute phase vacuum, pressure or combination vacuum/pressure pneumatic conveying systems where a round flanged inlet is preferred.

The RAM airlock transfers granular or powdered materials into or out of a pressurized system. It can maintain either positive or negative pressures. The RAM is available with either open or closed end rotors. With open end rotors, the product comes in contact with the endplates of the housing. With closed end rotors, the product is confined within the pockets of the rotor.

  • Round flange housing can bolt directly to cone-shaped vessel
  • Rotor and housing precision machined for high degree of accuracy and close tolerances
  • Incorporates superior TS4 shaft seals on each endplate
  • Rugged and durable universal valve
  • Rated up to 15 psi pressure differential
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Round Airlock Multi-Duty (RAM) (U.S. Version)
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