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We provide state-of-the-art rapper controls for a variety of precipitator applications. Our rapper controls have traditionally been at the forefront of technical evolution, providing rapid, innovative response to changes in electronic technology and basic precipitator operating expectations.

The modular system design allows for a broad range of configurations to meet any plant requirement. Individual ERC 1001’s can operate in standalone mode or be linked into a network environment using a Distributed Control Unit (DCU). ERCWin Windows software provides extensive display, logging, reporting, diagnostic and programming features through a graphical user interface. Combined with a DCU (Distributed Control Unit), the ERC1001 can be integrated with voltage controls, perform advanced cleaning control functions and interface with OPC servers and DCS systems. Programming terminals and Mimic Panel display boards are available as well.

  • Power Off / Power Reduced Rapping
  • Six Customizable Cleaning Programs
  • Advanced Windows Based GUI
  • Global ACG’s Permit Link-up of Multiple ERC’s for Opacity Spike Reduction
  • On-line Program Editing Without Program Interruption
  • Compatible With All Rapper Types
  • 10 Anti-Coincidence Groups for Greater Rapping Flexibility
  • NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 Cabinet or Retrofit Panel
  • Automatic Duty Cycle Calculation Local/Remote Control Selectable from ERC 1001 Cabinet
  • Local Storage of All User Defined Programs
  • Remote Diagnostic Service
  • DCS and/or PC Integration, Data Logging, Trending and Custom Reporting Features
  • Cleaning Automation
  • Interface to Modbus Masters via our MIU 1001 system

Power Off Rapping
Power Off Rapping (POR) and Power Reduced Rapping have become industry standard features. POR functionality can be implemented across any or all programs on a field-by-field basis. This unique feature provides the user with multiple strategies for achieving ESP cleanliness based on load or other process input values. Users can be fully confident when initiating automated rapping by virtue of the operational permissives available as ERC inputs. These permissives can be utilized to halt rapping, programmable by field, if desired.

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