MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight

    Dynamic weighing for solids

    Legal-for-trade, dynamic train scales for all lines

    High-precision weighing
    The dynamic train scale for weighing trains and rail cars is now a minor classic! No wonder: intelligent solutions are worth their while and deliver cost and time savings.
    MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight from Schenck Process pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision rail car weighing using fast and legal-for-trade calibrated weighing of the goods during transit, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being weighed.

    Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing to OIML R 106, class 0.5 and 0.2. Can be used within a temperature range from –50°C to +70°C, for solids. Used in logistics and as the basis for invoicing.

    Schenck Process weighing ties, as a combination of robust concrete ties and legal-for-trade weighbeams. Stainless steel weighbeam IP 67. Optionally with an integrated control scale. The database is integrated into standard software; intelligent measurement data analysis plus online remote diagnosis of networked systems are possible.
    Fast, gap-free installation by exchanging toes, modular design. EBA and PTB-approved – with an integrated static reference scale. Fast, precise calculation of rail car weights with less shunting. Up to 15 km/h legal-for-trade weighing.